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San Diego
Staff writer for HuffPost Weird News. Always looking for weird news. Contact me at Facebook, not here. NOT THE BRITISH SOCCER COACH
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.@dmoyeweirdnews: if student is citizen & thinks can be deported, isn't teacher teaching her something? Do you oppose teaching, David?
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.@dmoyeweirdnews: legal immigrants aren't deportable in most cases, but illegal aliens are. Citizens aren't (save flag burners). Claro?
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.@dmoyeweirdnews: as the author of "Mother Livid That Daughter's Teacher Asked If She's 'Illegal'", isn't the teacher right about status?
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Mother livid that daughter's teacher asked teen if she's "illegal" @dmoyeweirdnews # via @LatinoVoices
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.@BruceLeshan: I don't expect much from a @wusa9 reporter, but re "Mother livid that daughter's teacher asked teen if she's "illegal"...