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Dick Smith
Sydney, New South Wales
Lover of Aussie egalitarianism and the Fair Go.
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.@DickSmithFairGo: b) since their smears are an opinion, show others their opinions can't be trusted by exposing their lies & deception.
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.@DickSmithFairGo: instead, a) engage opponents in Socratic debate about their claims - w/o repeating those claims - and show them wrong....
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.@DickSmithFairGo repeats a smear, a major mistake: "Nothing to do with racism". Denying it by name gives them what they want.
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RT @maxmarkson: BREAKING NEWS! @DickSmithFairGo launches $1m TV ad campaign to slash immigration & raise taxes for super rich!…
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Not like Trump MT @Snarkathon RT @maxmarkson: @DickSmithFairGo launches $1m TV ad campaign to slash immigration/raise taxes for super rich!