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Federico Chispas
California, USA
Stanford alum, APhiA, Texas Native w Louisiana roots. Atheist. Occasional blogger. Same-sex married. GoLakers. Climate change is real and vaccines save lives
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From @rubycramer
"The party endorsed Senator Bernie Sanders during the last presidential cycle, at which time he described…
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From @dfsparks
@rubycramer @WorkingFamilies I need the Sanders supporters to do the math that shows the membership overwhelmingly…
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From @WildBillWellman
@dfsparks @rubycramer @WorkingFamilies 60% of rank & file vote for Bernie, 20% Warren, 20% split between others.…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@WildBillWellman: more importantly, Liz Warren would help lower wages. Warren has a very pro-Big Biz immigration stance, & more immigration means lower wages (despite false Koch claims to the contrary). If @rubycramer were a real reporter, she'd call Warren & WFP on that.