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Los Angeles, CA
Host of Dennis Prager Radio Show. Founder of @PragerU. NYT best-selling author. Columnist. Orchestra conductor. Author of The Rational Bible, out on April 2.
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Over 100 PragerU videos have been restricted by Youtube. These are videos from presenters like @benshapiro,…
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From @PatrickThePi
@prageru @benshapiro @DennisPrager @KatiePavlich @charliekirk11 @adamcarolla @TeamYouTube A blatant display of inte…
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.@PatrickThePi: @prageru would be in a better place if they truly opposed censorship. Con leaders only oppose censorship of those they agree with, and that doesn't count. Con leaders would just as quickly censor as SJWs if they had the same power.
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Since @RichardAEpstein won't stand w/ his fellow citizens, why shouldn't we denaturalize him? @talkradio200 @DennisPrager @rjmoeller #ows