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From @kausmickey
PC protesters are mobilizing against Trump, therefore he "poses an unprecedented threat to American Democracy." OK!
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From @denlauver
@kausmickey - NO. Don't parrot that line b/c the concern about his is not only about PC. It's people who think he isn't a conservative.
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From @UoKnowsBest
@denlauver @kausmickey he does not need to be a purist. He is at least mere conservative than H or Bernie
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From @denlauver
@jerryuzo @kausmickey - Trump said Romney's immigration plan was too harsh, a statement H and Bernie would agree with...
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@denlauver: also, Trump has a mass *legalization* plan: Point that out to those duped by @KausMickey. #CruzCrew