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Sad State of America
Justice should be applied without regard to wealth, power, or other status. NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW .#resist
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From @ZachMontellaro
Polls aren't stopping! Here's a USA Today/Suffolk Iowa poll (which shouldn't be confused for the DMR/CNN/Mediacom p…
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From @DemWarrior2020
@ZachMontellaro @m_mendozaferrer Did we learn nothing from 2016? Trump is savagely effective at destroying establis…
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.@DemWarrior2020: one key thing you should learn from 2016 is the MSM - minor cogs like @ZachMontellaro & up - *helped* Trump win by never challenging him on the huge flaws in his policies. He would've dropped out in 2015 if they had. Shame Zach into finally doing his job.