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21yr Fed Pros (Org Crime, Chief SJ Branch), Past Stanford Law Pro Bono Dir/Lecturer & US Dist Ct. Clerk. Pub. DM for Media requests
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From @rachaelmbade
“He always brings them up.” Trump tries to steer border wall deal to North Dakota firm, upending staid government p…
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@rachaelmbade @Delavegalaw @NickMiroff @jdawsey1 Canada would pay that same North Dakota firm to build a wall along…
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.@meesposito: as soon as Trump's out of office, Congress will neglect/demolish whatever of Trump "Wall" was built. IOW, the "wall" is just a scam. Have those with access - like @rachaelmbade - ever called Trump officials on that? (Hint: no). Why do you think they haven't?