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Miriam Feldblum
Pomona College
VP/Dean of Students at Pomona College, Professor of Politics, immigration and citizenship scholar
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RT @DeanFeldblum: Pres Oxtoby smashing the atom! Millikan Lab & Andrew Science dedication @pomonacollege #FOUNDERSDAY
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.@marylouferry: @DeanFeldblum has never been capable of answering my #immigration questions. Are you sure she's qualified? #PomonaCollege
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@DeanFeldblum: 2 students (1 citizen, 1 illegal alien) apply for 1 #Pomona slot. If latter wins, what happens at same time? #immigration #p2
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@DeanFeldblum: try helping your fellow Americans for a change. Or, go to some other country and turn your back on them. #immigration #tcot
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@deanfeldblum: does #PomonaCollege have an infinite number of college slots, or is the number fixed?
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@deanfeldblum: w/o looking, I *know* #NYTimes #immigration editorial lied to you. See #p2 #tlot #OWS #sgp