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David Dennison
Gulf Coast, ‘Merica USA
Truth and cheeseburgers... Amateur gaslight extinguisher, goalpost realignment specialist, and horrified observer of “A sh*tshow in a dumpster fire”
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From @shaneharris
Reports that Russia has tried to assist Bernie Sanders’ campaign were developed, and briefed to the candidate, by p…
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From @DDennison45
@shaneharris @CarolLeonnig Interesting that he’s offering up Jill & Tulsi too. It’s almost like he’s confirming al…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@DDennison45: Putin is much smarter than @shaneharris & he's KGB. Shane & other "reporters" aren't in his league. So, "support" for Bernie/Trump might not be support after all. Putin does want more USA censorship, & wee Honeckers like Shane Harris are eager to help.