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phoenix arizona
I love my country, and am sickened that the gov is doing everything it can to destroy it, fight is on
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A girl in Mexico attached her Christmas list to a balloon. A man across the border found it.
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From @Ath3lst
@amybwang I'm not crying, you're crying.
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From @DaPaladinos
@amybwang Hella wholesome
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.@Ath3lst @yourmoonbaby: be savvy news consumers. WaPo is extremely pro-Big Biz. They're owned by one of richest people in the world. @amybwang is allowed to blow that tale because it serves Big Biz interests: Big Biz wants to lower wages. Amy is, frankly, just a corporate stooge
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.@DaPaladinos @dawn41764: follow the money on the @amybwang tale. What she's pushing would increase the labor supply, driving down wages. And, you know who wants to drive down wages. The last thing Amy & #WaPo would ever do is blog something that'd cost Big Biz money.