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The Witch is dead
United States
Justice comes to all ..soon Lord #MAGA all the way! God bless the #NRA
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From @ReaganBattalion
You the people are only a minority in the Republican party.
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From @DavidMitspa
@StopTrumpPAC @PoliticalMomma1you people are so delusional..Trump has a world-wide movement now. He just freed England from folks like you
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From @gary4205
@DavidMitspa Trump had NOTHING to do with #Brexit you raving lunatic Trumptard! It was STUDS @DanHannanMEP & @Nigel_Farage @StopTrumpPAC
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@gary4205: your "STUD" Hannan supports open EU borders: @DavidMitspa