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David Sims of The Atlantic blogs "The Battle Over Adult Swim’s Alt-Right TV Show". Unlike most The Atlantic posts, they closed the comments almost immediately. They also deleted one of my comments. Ironically, the comment was about the cultural far-left being intellectually weak, and whoever deleted the comment demonstrated that intellectual weakness for us. Here's the entirety of my comment that was deleted:

The cultural far-left feels threatened by and has to try to silence those who use "(())" and phrases like "neo-Bolshevik Dildocrats". Someone get them a ball to play with.

That was in reply to someone who'd used that phrase and the parentheses (their comment was deleted also). However, The Atlantic left in place two of my other comments (1 with 3 upvotes, another with 1 upvote).

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.@davidlsims: I take someone deleting my comments as a personal affront, which I'm sure you wouldn't do to my face. So, was that a mistake?
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.@davidlsims: please explain why #TheAtlantic deleted one of my comments: @GrahamDavidA
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Yglesias (!) says @fn_officiel gets one thing right, witless followers like @davidlsims preen for their audience.