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Dave Pasch
Depends on the time of year
ESPN College Football, NBA, College Basketball & Arizona Cardinals Announcer. Husband. Father. John 1:14
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Got the @HoustonRockets and @Timberwolves tonight with @SedanoESPN and Jeff Van Gundy. Iโ€™ve never looked more forwaโ€ฆ
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.@DavePasch: hey Dave, imagine if #ESPN became the Basket 24/7/365 channel. Wouldn't their ratings plummet & wouldn't that be bad for you & everyone else there? Yet, that's what they're doing. They have nothing for baseball fans or soccer fans, just the few basket fans.
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.@DavePasch: Tues ESPN had 3 basketball games at same time. Weds 2 (+ a yak show). Plus, tonight's game is blacked out in 2nd biggest TV market in USA. They won't show winter baseball; they rarely show soccer (except on Plus). These are not the actions of a sane network.