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Keith Maniac, from Guatemala
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Non sequiturs and subject-changing are not effective forms of argument
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From @robbysoave
The worst thing AOC has done so far is inspire every Dem to start instagramming like their fucking lives depend on it
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@robbysoave I want a country in which the president is so quiet that we only see him if there’s a war. Now we have…
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From @CutItOutPutin
@charlescwcooke @robbysoave "Idiocracy" was a warning, not a how-to manual
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.@CutItOutPutin: #Idiocracy = those like @charlescwcooke, #TheResistance grifters, MSM, etc. only whine, never use their megaphones to hold leaders accountable, and people like you never demand better. Step away from the Brawndo: demand leaders use smart tactics for once.