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Here for @potus. Love my country and flag. Tweets are my own. No lists. Patriot Conservative #BuildtheWall #AmericaFirst #DefundPP #LockThemUp #MAGA
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From @TheTrumpParty
RT @cs0058sc: STOP SOROS & OBAMA CANDIDATES Vote Mike Bishop for US Congress Michigan 8th CD Lower Taxes Less Gov Regulations Pr…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
He sounds more like the Koch candidate. That shouldn't be surprising: top Trump advisor Marc Short is a Koch hack. #Koch <> #MAGA MT @TheTrumpParty MT @cs0058sc ...Vote Mike Bishop * Lower Taxes * Less Gov Regulations
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From @judy_shwabe
RT @cs0058sc: DHS INCREASES H-2B Visas and will bring in an additional 15,000 seasonal Illegal workers during last months of FY2018. Ho…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
It's not DHS, it's Trump. I've been pointing out for 2.5 years how weak he is on #immigration. #MAGA fell for his show. It's time to demand he opposes mass immigration & in smart ways. MT @judy_shwabe MT @cs0058sc: DHS INCREASES H-2B Visas... [this is a travesty]