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Keith Ryan
Joined for #Dartmoor. Retired electron microscopist/x-ray microanalyst. Proudly called “Cryo-freak” by Dr Patrick Echlin RIP. Drank a lot of LN2!
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From @Jack_Blanchard_
Top Larry the Cat photobomb on @bbclaurak and @huwbbc tonight
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From @CornishPastyMan
@Jack_Blanchard_ @bbclaurak @huwbbc I thought he was pretty cool.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@CornishPastyMan: you must be smart to get a PhD. What do you think of @Jack_Blanchard_ cheering Sadiq Kahn mocking Trump? Is that the grown-up English way? Isn't Jack a child & a disgrace to journalism who'd never dare challenge Kahn or Trump using Socratic questions on policy?