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Connie Schultz
Cleveland, OH
Columnist. J-prof @KentState. Upcoming novel for Random House: Erietown. Won Pulitzer, which never impressed my dog. Married @SenSherrodBrown, so never bored.
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Interesting how some conservative pundits, gun zealots & other cynics have tried to dismiss the activism of the tee…
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.@ConnieSchultz: gun nuts are crazy! Not like a "Syndicated columnist. J-prof @KentState" like you. 1. In the decades when full auto *machine guns* were legal, how many school shootings were there? 2. Columbine was planned as a bombing. Would banning guns have stopped that?
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How the GOP's Block of the Minimum Wage Bill Hurts Women --& kudos to @Cosmopolitan for coverage of issue/
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.@KatrinaNation @ConnieSchultz @Cosmopolitan What effect will legalizing millions of immigrants through "immigration #reform" have on wages?
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.@KatrinaNation @ConnieSchultz @Cosmopolitan as @24aheaddotcom points out, it's not likely to be good:
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.@ConnieSchultz: can you help me figure something out about #immigration reform? I'd like to support it, but I wonder what US Chamber wants?