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D. Bran
Environmental Scientist, Orchard Keeper, Woodturner, Land-locked Sailor. On the far left end of the political spectrum.
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From @marsrader
Not sure this is a rigorous enough explanation.
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From @doctorjoe56
#GOP airplane #engineering #KochBros #ALEC #climatechange denial just as idiotic #VoteBlue2014”@marsrader #UniteBlue
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From @Comanchegyrl
@doctorjoe56 @marsrader Magic or Bernoulli?
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From @doctorjoe56
@Comanchegyrl @marsrader #GOP response: "Bernoulli? Sounds like an #immigration name. Deport him!" #climatechange #ClimateSummit #UniteBlue
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@doctorjoe56: your #immigration stance lowers wages for 99%, helps enrich 0.1%. Maybe you should think things through more, Joe. #ows