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Larry Simpson,PhD
United States of America
Retired Medical Physicist
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RT @TheDemocrats: .@elizabethforma is talking about "picking fights" on behalf of consumer rights, on immigration, and against corruption a…
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#Koch bros, USChamber, Microsoft, Bloomberg, Facebook, etc already spend *millions* per year supporting the same policies as her, the anti-corporate sweetheart. #resist #doh MT @collectist RT @TheDemocrats: .@elizabethforma is talking about "picking fights" [...on #immigration]
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.@collectist: @AlexNowrasteh is, of course, lying. I quote the #CBO on *both* the "lost decade" & after: #tcot
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.@collectist: @RepTedDeutch just isn't credible. He's not revealing what else the CBO said: #Pennsylvania #PA
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@24AheadDotCom @collectist In the 2nd 10 year period, wage growth rises about 1st ten year period decline in wage growth. Be honest 4 once