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Cllr Brian Silvester ❌
North West, England
Media DM me #NoDealBrexit Woolstanwood Cllr Hon Alderman & Ex D.Leader #ChesE Ex Leader & Mayor CN Council #Trump ❌
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JOIN The For Britain Movement Become a local #ForBritain councillor Stand #ForBritain in…
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.@CllrBSilvester: does #ForBritain actively oppose censorship across the board? Or, do they only oppose censorship of those who agree with them? @2tweetaboutit
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@BBCHARDtalk David Frum is GOP supporter who says @realDonaldTrump will lose badly He's arrogant and thinks he knows better than the voters
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.@CllrBSilvester @BBCHARDtalk: Jimmy Wichard knows better than Trump voters. Trump's plans are weak & unrealistic. His fans can't see that.