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We Didn't Invent The Chicken, Just The Chicken Sandwich!
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We’re committing Twitter to help increase the collective health, openness, and civility of public conversation, and…
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Why? We love instant, public, global messaging and conversation. It’s what Twitter is and it’s why we‘re here. But…
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We have witnessed abuse, harassment, troll armies, manipulation through bots and human-coordination, misinformation…
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From @jack
While working to fix it, we‘ve been accused of apathy, censorship, political bias, and optimizing for our business…
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From @Sick_of_Bias
@jack Then why, as an American, did you APOLOGIZE for eating @ChickfilA YOUR Twitter censorship has throttled m…
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.@Sick_of_Bias: @Jack has admitted to censoring millions of #Twitter users. They do it via ghosting so they're lying to those users. They censor about as many libs as cons. All of that makes them extremely vulnerable. Cons have too many personal issues to do anything about it.
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.@ChickfilA: take your #HateBowl & stuff it! #H8Bowl #ChickFilABowl #H8Chicken @ARC_RinkuSen #H8 #ows #occupy #p2 #oo #teaparty #tcot #gop