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Mig Greengard
Brooklyn, NY
Hand of the King! @Kasparov63's aide-de-camp and co-author since 1999. Writer, ex-coder, ex-teacher, ex-boludo. Human rights, Russia, chess. Tweets=mine.
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From @chessninja
Roasted coffee and @Kasparov63 roasting Trump in the @NYDailyNews, a fine Sunday afternoon.
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From @chessninja
@Kasparov63 @NYDailyNews (I'm not saying that people in Europe who are blocked from reading the Daily News site can…
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From @chessninja
@Kasparov63 @NYDailyNews Mmm, treason icing on impeachment cake. I guess it has a creamy white nationalist filling.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@chessninja: the smart way to undercut Trump is to go to public events by his proxies & challenge them on the huge flaws in his policies (see below) using questions that resonate with *his base*. Ignore #resist, focus on his base. @Kasparov63