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From @justin_chermol
2020 > @AndrewYang tells me/@Cheddar the @DNC has "done a really fair and objective job of setting up what the thre…
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From @JeffTho32446530
@justin_chermol @FbayareaS @AndrewYang @cheddar @DNC Makes sense. Major networks already bought and paid for candidates.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@JeffTho32446530: the networks and reporters might be bought and paid for, but at least we've got @justin_chermol & @Cheddar! Get everyone in #YangGang to give them a big thank you for their support!
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From @justin_chermol
NEW: @MarkSanford tells me/@cheddar he would support H.R.8 - Universal Background Checks - if elected President, "w…
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From @Elisabethmngirl
@justin_chermol @nycjim @MarkSanford @cheddar @NRA Done, no thank you, goodbye
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Elisabethmngirl: what's horrific for the U.S. is Mark Sanford will speak to stooges like @justin_chermol of @Cheddar because he knows they'll never ask him any tough questions (e.g., about any downsides in HR8/UBC & Sanford's "tweaks" to it).