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Charles Leerhsen
Author of TY COBB: A TERRIBLE BEAUTY. Writer, editor: Sports Illustrated, Rolling Stone, NY Times Magazine, People. Co-wrote Donald Trump's second book.
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From @allinwithchris
Trump ghostwriter during time of biggest losses: "at the center of this chaos was this man feeling fabric" #inners
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From @kathleenstips
@allinwithchris Fascinating interview. I have not heard him before and I loved his assessment of Trump then and now. But, very scary
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@kathleenstips: here's 50 anti-Trump tactics that have failed miserably. Flash-in-the-pan @CharlesLeerhsen made the list, even though he'll be forgotten tomorrow. How many of the failed tactics has @allinwithchris pushed?