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Charles Lister
Washington DC/London/Istanbul
Senior Fellow & Director of Counter-Terrorism @MiddleEastInst. Author of #TheSyrianJihad #Syria
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From @HKX07
18+ U.S backed #FSA rebels" moderately execute 2 female #YPJ Kurds, accusing them of killing their men. #Syria #YPG
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From @HKX07
18+ U.S backed "moderate #FSA rebel" torments a female YPJ Kurd who begs for her life before he executes her #Syria
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From @HKX07
. @Charles_Lister in PR damage control mode; U.S backed #FSA rebels & allies PLS STOP posting your war crimes #Syria
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From @HKX07
U.S backed #FSA "rebel" Jameel Saeed from #Azaz posted on his FB the video of him executing 2 #YPG diplomats #Syria
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From @AFK_10
@HKX07 Are these the "rebels" @KenRoth @hrw support ? @sarahleah1 @jimmurphySF
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@AFK_10: also, #immigration stance of @jimmurphySF *helps* US chicken processors abuse workers. Point it out to his fans. #HRW #uniteblue