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Chad R. MacDonald
New York City
I once stopped a crime while wearing a superhero suit. Yes, really. Founder of The Good, the Chad & the Ugly.
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@carlsimmons @Pray_4_Life @Brian_Bosma Claiming Christians are "persecuted" in the USA just means you're a spoiled brat throwing tantrums.
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From @Pray_4_Life
@ChadMac19 No, that's you, having a tantrum because you can't force Christians to affirm your tantrums @carlsimmons @Brian_Bosma
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From @ChadMac19
@Pray_4_Life @carlsimmons @Brian_Bosma You're getting everything wrong today.
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.@ChadMac19: @Pray_4_Life lied and then ran away. To undercut her, point out to her supporters that she has no integrity.
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.@ChadMac19: just trying to wise you up, Chad. There's a reason WalMart & USChamber want #immigration reform so much. It isn't raising wages
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From @24aheaddotcom
.@ChadMac19: hey Chad, think about the bottom line. #Documented helps USChamber, WalMart, Tyson Foods, McDonalds, etc. lower wages. #ows