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Domestic Goddess/ Beach Bum/ Army brat/ Patriotic American/ Conservative Mother of 2 Awesome Sons/ Queen of Retweets ~No Lists I will block you!! #MAGA 🇺🇸
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.@celesteholsinge has blocked me after just one tweet, because that's how scared little MAGA snowflakes do things:
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RT @jbro_1776: It’s funny that the left is defending Jay-Z with his past. I mean he exemplifies all the things they hate, yet they defend h…
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.@celesteholsinge @jbro_1776 @Don_Vito_08: re the Trump/JayZ WWE battle, Trump had a golden opportunity to undercut BLM in early 2016. Instead, he just did his usual brainless shtick that only appeals to idiots. I want a leader who undercuts BLM, #MAGA doesn't.