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Celery Caraway
San Francisco, CA
Multicultural through my life experience. Compulsive retweeter due to enduring culture shock. No Lists Please.
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From @vanitaguptaCR
NEW: The Senate Judiciary Committee has postponed its meeting for tomorrow morning, where Chairman @ChuckGrassley h…
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From @Sheeyahshee
@vanitaguptaCR @CeleryCaraway @ChuckGrassley @civilrightsorg Yes! Courts do matter. I wish elected Democrats shared…
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.@Sheeyahshee: @vanitaguptaCR hypes Rep Jayapal's extremely pro-corporate #immigration OpEd that could have been written by the Koch bros. They'd help Big Biz import millions of new workers, undercutting wages & harming American workers. They're libertarians, not real liberals.