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En Route.
Republicans have been fascists for decades, but now it's critical. #Resistance. Fight for Democracy. #ProtectMueller
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From @HarleyRouda
When Congressman Rohrabacher tries to hit me with false attack ads, I can take it. But when he takes big money from…
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From @CarolynRedinger
@HarleyRouda 30 more postcards for Harley, ready to post. #PostcardsToVoters @DemocratWit
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@CarolynRedinger: hi Carolyn. Rohrabacher's no prize and UHC might be a good idea. However, @HarleyRouda wants to legalize millions of illegal aliens & give UHC to *everyone* in the U.S. Both of those are incredibly pro-corporate schemes that'd drastically lower U.S. wages.