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Financial planner, physician. Discuss money/health/death/aging/health reform. Funny. Unbridled. Write- @finplan @Forbes @CNBC
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From @yarotrof
Miami man returns from China, gets sick, fears COVID19, comes to hospital, gets offered flu test. He now owes his i…
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From @SeanBrodrick
@yarotrof @jennablan the U.S. is woefully unequipped to deal with a pandemic. We are, after all, a nation where peo…
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From @Perth_Tolle
@yarotrof Eh...@CarolynMcC
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From @CarolynMcC
@Perth_Tolle @yarotrof I saw this. Infuriates me. This should be part of public health. Cases like this will only…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@SeanBrodrick: Trump is extremely vulnerable to his base & simple (but smart) moves could force him to do much better at things like #CoronaVirus, Maria, etc. Putin is smart enough to make Trump better for him, but @yarotrof isn't smart enough to help make Trump better for USA.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@CarolynMcC: if Putin wanted Trump to do better on #Covid19, he could do it because he knows how to play Trump. Those like @yarotrof & all your other leaders simply aren't smart enough to do that and - even if told how - their emotional issues would keep them from helping.