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Carlos Monje
Washington, DC
Director of Public Policy and Philanthropy, U.S. & Canada Twitter (@twitter, @policy, @twittergov @TwitterforGood) New Orleanian, Purveyor of Dad Jokes.
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From @CarlosMonjeJr
It is never ok to tell someone they look tired. In Houston two weeks ago a security guard yelled that to me while…
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From @thetommyevans
@CarlosMonjeJr Can’t agree more. Worse, when it’s directed to a woman, wouldn’t you say? I can’t stand it when my m…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Carlos helps everyone from Pai to Medvedev & from Blackburn to Rouhani hide from dissent, see my pinned tweet. Unless you say otherwise, I'll assume you support Twitter helping Iran government. MT @thetommyevans [agrees] MT @CarlosMonjeJr [b-hurt someone said he looked 'tired']