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Correspondent for @nytimes, based in the Northwest. Previously: @seattletimes and @AP. Tips welcome via DM. Signal or voice: 646-394-3002
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From @JasonCT
@sherifink @ByMikeBaker @jialynnyang I understand now: when Trump officials said #C19 was “contained” they ment tha…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@JasonCT: smart experts can devise questions that, asked of Trump or a proxy, would reveal Trump's lapses to his base. That would force Trump to do better. @sherifink can ask those questions & make Trump better. Are you going to demand she does that, yes or no?
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From @V2019N
@ByMikeBaker your coverage has been great. thank you, Mike!
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@V2019N: Trump loves those like @ByMikeBaker. Like Maggie & all the others, Trump knows they're never going to ask him tough policy questions that'd really put him on the spot & force him to do better. And, those like you enable those like Baker whose only interest is clickbait
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From @ByMikeBaker
Total number of confirmed U.S. coronavirus cases at each Tuesday: Jan. 14 — 0 Jan. 21 — 1 Jan. 28 — 5 Feb. 4 —…
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From @JoelHeyman
@ByMikeBaker @V2019N imagine how big the numbers would be if we actually tested for it.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@JoelHeyman: you & @ByMikeBaker are part of the problem, your fan(s) just don't know it yet. Instead of enabling Baker's clickbait, demand he asks Trump tough questions that'd expose Trump's failures to his base, thus forcing Trump to do better. Gonna do that or just "joke"?
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From @sherifink
‘It’s Just Everywhere Already’: How Delays in Testing Set Back the U.S. Coronavirus Response…
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From @BirnbaumMatt
@sherifink @ByMikeBaker @jialynnyang When this is over we better find out who made these decisions and hold them responsible.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@BirnbaumMatt: you & @sherifink are part of the problem, "doc". She's just about clickbait & you enable her. Any time in last 4+ years she could have pressed Trump/proxies using Socratic questions to stop him/make him better. Thousands are going to die because you're worthless
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From @ByMikeBaker
Voters will decide tomorrow whether to lift Washington state's ban on affirmative action. California is watching.
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From @torrHL
@ByMikeBaker @Julesm_b Cc: @whorange
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@torrHL: re the @ByMikeBaker blog "In a Liberal State [WA], Ambivalence About Lifting a Ban on Affirmative Action", how exactly is AA "liberal"? It's racism, favoring one race over another. It favors the underqualified over the overqualified. It leads to race-based power.