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Family Feud. #BUFvsPIT | #GoBills
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From @FusRoDoc
@BuffaloBills @maine_savage23 @rell_island6 @steelers Let’s go Hokies!
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.@FusRoDoc: many @BuffaloBills players are fans of BLM. If you haven't seen the BLM agenda you should. They not only want reparations, they want non-white councils, etc. They want billions of dollars from people like you not over what you've done but just due to your skin color
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From @buffalobills
Where else would you rather be than right here, right now?! #NEvsBUF #GoBills
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.@buffalobills: watching a real sport, one that doesn't involve the QB warming up his hands and then sliding them between the thighs of a bent-over player. I'm not saying that, or wrestling, or gladiator movies, or rugby are bad things. I just prefer real sports.