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Steve Buckley
Columnist for The Athletic (@TheAthleticBOS). Author, “Wicked Good Year.” Shopkeeper of @oldtimegame.
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From @BuckinBoston
Alex Cora has confirmed newspaper report he will not make the trip to meet the president. So basically it’s the white Sox who’ll be going.
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From @MattKalman
@BuckinBoston I pray for your mentions, Buck. But you hit it on the nose.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Would he make similar jokes about Les Bleus or all NFL/NBA teams? A smart person would call Cora out for not trying to engage Trump in debate MT @MattKalman [worries about "mentions"] MT @BuckinBoston Alex Cora [won't meet Trump]. So basically it’s the white Sox who’ll be going