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Broward Sheriff
Broward County, Florida
The Broward Sheriff's Office is one of the largest in the country & first to run fire rescue.
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From @AdamWeinstein
Sgt. Matthew Patten of BSO SWAT. Care to weigh in on this, @browardsheriff @ScottJIsrael?
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From @endofbellcurve
@AdamWeinstein @xeni @browardsheriff @ScottJIsrael Why has he decided that an orange circle in the middle of his ch…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@endofbellcurve @AdamWeinstein: check out this post about an old smear from @xeni. You can oppose the group in question even more than her, but would you too give the false impression she gave? Wasn't she trying to deceive her readers?
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From @Julesofthesmile
RT @Cernovich: WEIRD: Twitter has yet to verify Parkland survivor who supports #2A and blames @BrowardSheriff, FBI for inaction https://t.c…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Julesofthesmile in Dec 2016 you RT'ed @CantStumpTrump1 saying "BAN THEM DONALD! BAN THEM ALL!" in response to Trump critiquing SNL satirizing him. How's that coming along? Has Trump repealed the First Amendment like #MAGA wants yet, or is he waiting for Putin to help? #resist