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Dog mom, digital nerd, introvert, and a little awkward. #TeamTom
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From @BrittBischoff
Tom Steyer is rolling through Iowa January 1-5th, to talk with Iowans in his People Over Profits bus tour. See wh…
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From @aussiefortrump1
@BrittBischoff @TomSteyer Does that include you milking the transit funds through pelosi...your a crook That trump…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@aussiefortrump1: if you really want to undercut Steyer & other Dems, find someone in Iowa who can ask him one of my questions on video for Youtube. I'll even pay them to do it. On yahoo it's ifwdus. But, only if you really want to undercut Steyer.
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From @BrittBischoff
The democratic nominee will need to be able to go at Trump on what he perceives to be his strengths - the economy.…
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From @sayno2gas
@BrittBischoff @TomSteyer We need to point toward a different metric. People have been fooled into thinking GDP equ…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@sayno2gas: Trump's always been *incredibly* vulnerable to his base on his key issues for them: immigration, managerial competence, etc. See my posts going back to 2015. @BrittBischoff & Steyer want to go after him where he's strong (econ) & ignore where he's weakest. Smart?