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West Virginia, Mountain Mama
#proudAmerican | Christian | wife | mother | coal miners daughter | #2A | Here for #Trump #AmericaFirst #Trump2020 #MAGA #FBTS #ExtremeMAGAShoutOut
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From @RudyGiuliani
Biden said “no one should be in jail for a non-violent crime.”SO RELEASE BERNIE MADOFF? Is Biden mentally competent…
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From @Briteeye777
@RudyGiuliani Biden has been in public office for decades. The only ones who have benefited from his "service" are he & his family.
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From @tabartis
@Briteeye777 @RudyGiuliani Fact check: TRUE.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@tabartis: hey Tab, @Briteeye777 got RT'ed by Giuliani. What do you think of Rudy helping the Trans Texas Corridor? Rudy's a big fan of amnesty & a national ID, are you? Have you seen this video of him extolling David Rockefeller?
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From @Briteeye777
Hey, my #MAGA friends Can we help another one of our own out? Please follow & RT The next victim of censorship c…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Briteeye777: Twitter heavily censors all kinds of users: cons, libs, Target customers, Mike Trout fans... Only opposing censorship of your "friends" means you don't really oppose censorship, plus you're helping Twitter censor you by dividing their opposition.