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Brian Blues
Northern California
🇺🇸 #Pragmatic #BassGuitar / #ElectricBass Player, #Rock, #Blues, #Jazz, #Music, #Photography, #Preppertalk #CatsofTwitter -Two years: Singapore 🇸🇬
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From @mellonheadfred
@AnnCoulter was bartender for yrs in college town, believe me when I tell you not even 10% of the rapes were reported. I think u r great.
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From @BrianBlues
@mellonheadfred @AnnCoulter Let me understand this: are you saying "that's OK" or "acceptable"?
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From @mellonheadfred
@BrianBlues @AnnCoulter I have five sisters. I think rape is horrible, I do love Ann Coulter's style of writing, she is smart & funny.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@mellonheadfred: @AnnCoulter could have stopped amnesty, but refused to do it. She's just an entertainer, like Bieber w/o the cough syrup.