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Bob Schechter
New York
Poems in Highlights for Children, High Five, Cricket, Highlights HELLO, Ladybug, Spider, The Caterpillar & anthologies. Winner of XJ Kennedy Parody Contest.
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From @smerconish
Huge voting already at - my vote is "MEDIA" meaning if the conservative media turns on him…
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From @BobSchechter
@smerconish @realDonaldTrump Maybe it's time you step up & use more of your eloquence to alert the nation to the c…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@BobSchechter: the MSM is no threat to Trump, as @smerconish amply demonstrates. I saw two of his segments w/ Dilbert (who helped mainstream Trump). Despite how vulnerable Dilbert is, Smerconish didn't call him on anything. Probably Dilbert's easiest interviews. Truly sickening.