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Somewhere In The Americas
I dont think I use Twitter as intended. I guess I'm a commie troll? I don't know. I dont make this stuff up. I'm also a part time terrorist or something.
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@BernieSanders You've spent your entire adult life working a job paid for by taxpayers so you could go buy 3 houses
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From @BlindEagleAce
@CalebJHull @BernieSanders You know he was a carpenter. And he needs two houses at bare minimum since he is a sena…
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Be very grateful Caleb is too much of a GOP lackey to go after Bernie where he's incredibly vulnerable: his loose immigration stance. Caleb can't do that because Bernie & Trump/GOP agree on it. MT @BlindEagleAce [Bernie was carpenter] MT @CalebJHull [OMG, Bernie has 3 houses!]