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Robert Jolley
Still livin JBuffet Songbook - exwife's lawyer called me #Pirate in court :) Fmr WhaleWatch ops Tofino 🇨🇦 #ShutTaijiDown #BlueCoveDayMovie WGA1825978🐬❤️ XDMs
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From @bj95432geemale
RT @SRuhle: Was that the same @60Minutes with the Rex Tillerson interview? ...Where he was unwilling to answer whether or not he called @re…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@bj95432geemale: Tillerson allegedly calling Trump moron is most entertaining! However - unlike @SRuhle - I'd prefer if #CBSNews had engaged him in Socratic debate about U.S. foreign policy (& domestic policy that impacts intl like #immigration). That's the grownup choice.