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Kyle Amidon
Pierre, SD
Libertarian. Involuntarily starting this new Twitter account; I'll leave that to your imagination... Just a gamer dork, a political junkie and a family man.
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From @Communism_Kills
I’m old enough to remember just yesterday when Ian was saying he was against tech censorship and deplatforming. No…
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From @Communism_Kills
Sleeping Giants is behind campaigns to pull ads from conservative networks and sites. The fact that Ian Miles Cheon…
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From @Communism_Kills
This was the rest of the thread. Ian liked the initial tweet in the thread. It’s clearly an attempt at censorship a…
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From @BigRedGuy74
@Communism_Kills Noone should be censored, even asshole Nazis. Lol
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@BigRedGuy74: ironically, your anti-censorship reply to @Communism_Kills was censored by Twitter & you don't even know it. Twitter gets away with that due to cons: they falsely pretend only cons are censored, thus marginalizing the opposition to those most don't care about.