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Portland, OR,
Conservative by intelligent design, lifetime Republican, now independent after McCain & Romney. Proudly blocked by Megan McCain! Just turned 71!
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.@BentnWasted: corn/wheat farmers have largely mechanized, they aren't the ones demanding serf labor. That's fruit/vegetable growers, slaughterhouses, dairy farmers, etc. Arguments like would stop them, but @AnnCoulter etc lack smarts/patriotism.
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I don't like it either, but only because farmers demand an endless supply of cheap foreign labor, instead of mechan…
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@AnnCoulter I thought 75% of farms were Corporate Farms! They've gotten subsidies for over 50 years!
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.@BentnWasted: Trump very pro-Big Biz: healthcare, taxes, amnesty, etc. Kellyanne is linked to the Kochs & got paid by Zuck to deceive about amnesty. Marc Short is a Koch mole. Everything Trump does is pro-Big Biz. @AnnCoulter is a simpleton who can't tell farmers from growers.
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@bentnwasted: one of best ways to oppose Obama on #immigration is to have him asked tough questions like #tcot