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Eric Hubbs
Manalapan/Syracuse University
Yankees/MLB writer for @barstoolsports | Host of The @Short_Porch Podcast | IG: Eric_Hubbs| Go Pack Go
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From @BarstoolHubbs
John Smoltz is FURIOUS that Verlander is coming out. His bones are breaking inside.
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From @SaosEip
@BarstoolHubbs I love Gary Sanchez but good lord. This is getting ridiculous it is either home run or bust and it is more of the bust part.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@SaosEip: tens of millions have no idea what @BarstoolHubbs is talking about because MLB hoes out to Murdoch, who hides baseball on his specialty channel in order to show kneeball & cartoons on network. That greatly harms baseball long-term. You & Hubbs should speak out.