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barlaventoexp #FBSI #FBPE #wooferendum
Globalist,Pro-European,Anti-Brexit,Scotland,Indyref2,Portugal. Role models - The Goons,Monty Python, Asterix & Obelix,Shaun the Sheep,Jim Hacker,Mel Brooks
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From @lanieleaf
RT @barlaventoexp: Trump's ambassador lobbied Britain on behalf of jailed right-wing activist Tommy Robinson - Totally Unacceptable if true…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@lanieleaf: @barlaventoexp thinks it's "Totally Unacceptable" if U.S. Ambassador stuck up for Tommy Robinson. TR is a dip & a grifter like our r/w grifters (Cernovich, Coulter, etc.), but he's being persecuted for his political beliefs just as full-on dictatorships do. #UK