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Bad Karma - #VoteBlueNoMatterWho
Arizona, USA
The sound of Trumptards crying is music to my ears!! #NeverTrumper #TheResistance #LGBTQAlly #FreeTheChildren #MarchForOurLives #ProudToBeScum #Joementum
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From @DavidEdwards ‘The disconnect cannot continue’: Trey Gowdy calls on intel officials to resign if Trump won’t listen on Russia
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From @BadKarmaIn2020
@DavidEdwards I wish @TGowdySC would SHUT THE HELL UP!!! He's nothing but a selective outrage politician!!! He's BB…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@BadKarmaIn2020: what do you think about @DavidEdwards sticking up for #Twitter silencing dissent? As the data at my pinned tweet shows, Twitter heavily censors replies from liberals to Trump officials. Twitter is *helping* Trump officials hide from dissent, aided by #RawStory.