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(South) Scottsdale, AZ
Publisher of the Arizona Eagletarian. Closely following redistricting in AZ.🦅 #Warren2020 USAF VET DURING VIETNAM ERA.
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"Mitch McConnell and his Republican colleagues are fighting not so much to keep Donald Trump in office as to shore…
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@TheAtlantic They're going to lose that "reign" one way or the other. The difference is only a matter of 9 months.
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.@AzEagletarian: @TheAtlantic had to get rid of comments because everyone - lib, con, whatever - showed them wrong in comments. They're part of your problem. They can't show MAGA wrong or blog things that aren't easy for MAGA to show wrong.
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I spoke with laid off workers at AT&T, GM, and Wells Fargo, all corporations that have used Trump tax cut windfall…
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@msainat1 @Politifarts #Warren2020 #EconomicPatriotism
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Warren would help Big Biz undercut U.S. workers by giving Big Biz all the cheap labor they want via mass immigration. That's the opposite of patriotism. MT @AzEagletarian #Warren2020 #EconomicPatriotism