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Ayal Feinberg
Denton Texas
Assistant Professor of Political Science, Anti-Semitism Expert, Eagles Fan in Cowboy Country, Camp Trin-Trin Alumnus, Quaker School Survivor
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From @jaylyall_red5
Trump canceled his secret meeting with the Taliban. The negotiations were in trouble anyway. My piece in the…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@jaylyall_red5: hey Jason, @monkeycageblog hyped the @Ayal_Feinberg "study" that has since apparently been debunked by two Harvard grad students. Have Ayal/MCB posted either defenses or big fat mea culpas as anyone with any integrity would do? P.S. Junk studies *help* Trump.
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From @MiaMBloom
C’mon @JohnAvlon it wasn’t @washingtonpost who did the research you just cited on @JohnBerman @cnn but…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Haven't seen you before, but I'll write to CNN, MSNBC, & Fox about you. It'd be a smart idea to post a mea culpa. MT @MiaMBloom ...[I'm a big fan of] @Ayal_Feinberg [& Branton & Martinez-Ebers] [who did the apparently since-debunked study that ] @monkeycageblog hyped
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From @Ayal_Feinberg
Our research (Regina Branto & Val Martinez-Ebers @UntLmas) featured on the @monkeycageblog!
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From @eileenstreet
@Ayal_Feinberg @UntLmas @monkeycageblog I read this, but I saw no specifics with the research statements. (Exp: yo…
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From @hoosierbluesman
@Ayal_Feinberg Really interesting work. I’d love a copy of the working paper when it is complete as well.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@eileenstreet: the @Ayal_Feinberg "study" has apparently since been debunked (by two grad students at Harvard). Do your own research & decide if you can trust his "scholarship". P.S. Trump's always been incredibly easy to undercut to his base. Ayal etc etc just ain't that smart
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@hoosierbluesman: the Ayal_Feinberg Trump "study" has apparently been debunked. Besides being low-watt & deranged, explain why Trump's loudest opponents only end up helping him. Is there some other explanation, like sunspots or something?