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I am sickened by this admin’s evil that corrupts the soul of our nation. I block toxicity #VoteBLUE🇺🇸 #RESIST #NEVERtrumper #wtp2020
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29-year-old Dallas Frazier has been charged with assault for punching a 61-year-old anti-Trump protester outside Tr…
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From @umussbekidding
@keithboykin @edz1 When the Trump campaign sends their people, they're not sending their best, they’re sending peop…
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From @AvAforBLUE
@umussbekidding @keithboykin @edz1 Some of those people are paid to attend his rallies.
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.@AvAforBLUE: Trump allegedly paid some to attend his escalator speech, but it's highly doubtful he has to pay anyone to attend his rallies. If anyone had asked Trump tough questions on that speech, he'd have dropped out. Did you or @umussbekidding ever demand reporters do that?