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Melbourne, Victoria
Mum to 3 boys. Marketing professional.
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From @hshaban
Director of Harvard Global Health Institute: “This is an unmitigated disaster that the administration has brought…
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From @Yallumbia
@hshaban I’m in Virginia, called around this morning to find where to get testing because I have Covid19 symptoms a…
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From @Aussiemandy
@hshaban @carolecadwalla Trump spent last weekend playing golf. A month ago, he rejected the massive supply of WHO…
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From @Yallumbia
@hshaban Cause theyre supposed to call in to get a test kit. 211 told me to call the doctor’s only line. The doctor…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
What you think doesn't matter, do you understand that? Trump fans think he's doing great & as long as they do he'll do what he wants. Hamza etc lack the smarts to change that. MT @Aussiemandy [list of bad things Trump supposedly did re covid19] MT @hshaban [worthless quote]
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From @24aheaddotcom_
So, why reply to @hshaban? Over the last 4+ years, *nothing* he's ever said has changed Trump in any way. Hamza is just a blogger trying to get clicks. He lacks the smarts & patriotism to hold Trump accountable. MT @Yallumbia [claims has covid19 symptoms but can't get tested]